Rubik's Orbit Features

●ORIGINAL RUBIK’S PUZZLE BALL: The Rubik’s Orbit is one of our newest puzzle toy creations. It shares a similar mechanism to the 2x2 Cube – don’t be fooled it is not as simple as it seems

● PROBLEM-SOLVING ABILITIES: Improve your problem-solving abilities and solve all of the 6 sides of the 360 rings so that the colours match all the way around

● TRADITIONAL RUBIK’S COLOURS: A nice feeling and attractive puzzle that looks modern and cool - yet instantly recognisable with the traditional Rubik’s colours

● A CHALLENGE FOR ALL AGES: The Rubik’s Orbit is suitable for ages eight to a hundred. All you need is good focus, a bit of determination and a bit of skill to solve it

● NO TRICK OR CHEAT CODES: Although the Orbit may resemble the 2x2 Rubik’s Cube, it has a completely different way of solving and rationalising. So no cheating here - enjoy!


The Rubik's Orbit, a circular puzzle that shares the same mechanism as the 2x2 Cube but has a completely different way to solve and rationalize.

Improve your problem solving skills and solve all the 6 sides of the 360 rings and get the colors to match all the way around. This color-matching puzzle game has a modern yet cool look to it.

Although different from most puzzle toys in the Rubik's range, the Orbit is instantly recognizable with the traditional Rubik's colors.